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Esthetic job search...

Working in this industry for 11 years I have been lucky to have one job just flow to the next. I started working in Scottsdale Arizona for a Dermatologist as my first break through opportunity, serving 2 years there gave me the street cred I needed to continue my career on the East Coast.
Coming home, I found a job with a Plastic Surgeon in Chelmsford. As I wanted my hands in Esthetics all the time I looked for a night position as an Instructor part time. After my interview they offered me a full time position, OMG more hours, vacation time, benefits. So of course I talked with my Doctor and explained If she couldn't offer me more hours I would have to accept the new position. As you guessed I went to be an Instructor.
During that 2 year span I loved teaching and the great environment, but I had made some good connections locally on my journey as an esthetician and 1 day I got a call...
This Doctor in Salem, NH offered me $5/hour more to come work for him and manage his office, OMG again! SO I couldn't refuse, this would end up being the job that broke my spirit. I was harassed by the Doctor's wife daily, sarcastic comments, she told me she didn't like me (but didn't know why), and she would hide my notebook on me with all my lists of contacts and tasks. After 6 months of torture the money didn't mean anything to me I needed OUT!
Now I have a mortgage 1 child, 1 on the way and NO JOB! This was the first time I had come to a holt in my career that used to just come easy for me. It was the best thing that could have happed to my creative juices, Aesthetics Exchange was born 2010. In my head of course LOL
This idea of having a place to search jobs in our industry or keep your resume circulating for new opportunities, YES keep thinking...A place to look for all the education in your area, a community to ask questions and get answers quick, a support system. YES I need support right NOW JOB LESS and need HOPE!
Flash through 4 years, 1 new job, and 3 web techs later, is HERE! Finally my creative process is alive, and would never have happened if my easy career kept going.
They say each door that closes another one opens, I am so excited I opened that door for myself and for all of the Aesthetics Exchange community. This website is for us, the good the bad and the easy careers. I believe in supporting one another for a greater industry, better reputation, and good karma. I share all my information because a little healthy competition is good, clients will stay with who they like and there are plenty of clients to go around. Use this site for jobs, education, info, networking, whatever you need. I know everyone has their share of ups and downs in the job search, this site can take you up and keep you up!

Jessica Fitzmaurice
Esthetician, Nail Tech, Instructor
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