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Turn passion into a career!

From finance… to foundation? Lindsay Rogers envisions her blog, Belle Belle Beauty, like be a beauty blog for fashion people. “It's not necessarily for the insane beauty junkie, but for someone who knows they're looking for something specific – and I'm the place to go.”

Rogers started her foray into blogging by doing one-product-at-a-time reviews on Tumblr, and she's one in a very small community of bloggers based in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her business background led her to develop a more scientific approach to reviews, and she prides herself on helping to dispel the stereotype that beauty bloggers only review what they get for free.

Whether it's waiting a full three-to-six weeks to blog about skin products or guest blogging for Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf's – she's established a professional approach to her site and social media – that's now her full-time job. From monetization to pitching and posting, we caught up with Rogers last week to get her best blogging advice.

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